Total Drama and Adventure Time
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TD literally has so much fanservice haha… Showing Lindsay’s and Gwen’s panties , constant pixelated nudity , abs errywhere, hey let’s zoom in on the asses , give a bunch of swelled belly pregnant looking shots, encourage the fans why don’t you ;)

I don’t know what’s better the fact Chris said this or the fact he lacks a left nipple


"I told you to kick harder!"

"And i told you you’re not the boss of me!”


those 2 episodes….Haiiiiil yea B)

more time required to get grasp on characters….

Unable to figure out Sky’s defining characteristics but…Dave is “The Normal Guy”? Lol, running out of ideas?

I like the twins so far too :D


why did I just make an mp3 file of Zoey’s cute lil gasp

Happy Bridgeoff day to these adorables

mary-jain inquired:
Lightning's real name is Bob spread the word


May I add that his parents call him Bobby and he hates it

S h a p e s h i f t e r